Learn Headshot Photography

Peter teaches his approach to headshot photography on a variety of platforms online and through in-person workshops. Check out some of the resources below to start taking your headshot business to the next level.

In Person Workshops

Learn how to direct any human being that steps foot in front of your lens

In this two day immersive workshop, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Peter’s workflow, direction, shooting style and business sense.

Online Coaching

Peter is the founder of the Headshot Crew, where he teaches thousands of photographers worldwide. This is the breeding ground for his elite team of Associate Photographers.

Learn business practices and headshot photography techniques from Peter and other mentors through weekly live video meetings, critiques, contests, online discussions, and much more.

Premium Video Tutorials

Peter has teamed up with Fstoppers to produce several premium video tutorials to help you master headshot photography.

The Headshot: The Secrets to Ceating Amazing Portraits

Peter doesn’t hold anything back in this book. He reveals his tricks of the trade, from his signature lighting look, to how to create good-looking backgrounds on location, to positioning tricks you won’t hear anywhere else.

The teachings in this book have become the basis for his The Headshot Intensified workshop.