POP PHOTO Goes Behind the Scenes with Peter Hurley

I was fortunate enough to have POP PHOTO come into the NY studio and do a story for the magazine and a little behind the scenes action as well. Little did I know that one of my images would grace the cover of the magazine! During the shoot I had the pleasure of photographing Editor-in-Chief, Miriam Leuchter. She rocked my camera and it was so nice to have her get in front of my lens. I met Miriam at a Photoshelter dinner during the Photo Plus Expo and we had an amazing talk, I said to her then that I would love to photograph her. Miriam is super busy as she runs both POP PHOTO and American Photo, so we finally figured out a date that would work for both of us and what a time we had. I love the shots we got and am so proud that she's using them for her press images. Thanks Miriam!!! 

Check out the video on PopPhoto.com


Popular Photography cover April 2015


Miriam Leuchter