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Who knew? It really is all about the squinch!

When I released my first video(see jawline below) on how to be more photogenic in front of a camera in February of 2012 I had no idea how much attention it would get. However, that has paled in comparison to the release this past week of “It’s all about the Squinch!”

See for yourself for those that may have missed it:

Squinching has taken the world by storm and I’m being bombarded with news of people getting their squinch on in photographs everywhere. I thought the squinch would be bigger than the jawline video, but had no idea it would get 1/2 a million hits in less than a week and be featured in the news worldwide? Amazing and in my own lingo a major SHABANG!

Here’s the first one in the series:

PhotoPlus Expo 2013

Come see Peter teach his class: Illuminating the Face: Beauty light for close up portraiture. Saturday Oct 26th at the Jacob Javitts Convention Center in New York PEOPLE!

[Update: 11/3/13]
Thanks to eveyone who came. Below are a few shots from the presentation. You can find shots from the Fstoppers/HURLEYPRO party on the Fstoppers facebook page.

Photo by Victor Velazquez

Photo By Victor Velazquez

The Headshot Intensive ONLINE starts January 6th!

My workshop The Headshot Intensive has had some major success over the past two years and this past July I took that sucker online. Join me for a 8 week course packed with the information that brought my work to the top of the industry. With LIVE interaction with me each week, you'll be immersed into the action and kick your portrait photography into high gear. For more info and to register go to: Sign up early for time sensitive discounts! Check out some of this action for yourself:

Peter photographs Sofia Vergara for TheWrap

The Race begins, Sofia Vergara Goes for the Gold Check out the full story in the May 13th issue of TheWrap. Here are the images taken in Peter's New York studio:   


Feb 2013 Rangefinder Cover! The Models' Photographer

Having Rangefinder Magazine ask me if I would like to be interviewed for a profile piece in their February 2013 issue was pretty exciting, but when I got the email saying that my work was being considered for the cover I was ridiculously psyched! Check out the entire story here on

Zach photographed at the Flanders Hotel, Ocean City, NJ

Mastering Headshot Photography on

I'm so excited to be a part of Kelby Training and here's a little trailer for my class: Mastering Headshot Photography

If you'd like to enjoy the whole class you can register and view it here:

Framed Awards Nominee for Top Portrait Photographer of 2012

I'm so honored to be part of this incredible group of photographers. Feel free to vote on your favorites until Jan 31 at 12am(MST). Check it out and vote here: Framed Awards

NY TIMES exposes Peter's "6 Tips for Better Portraits"

I was totally psyched when Roy Furchgott (twitter) called me to discuss doing this article. I think Roy really hit the nail on the head with his take on these tips, so keep them in mind for your next photo shoot! You can see the article on the Gadgetwise NY Times blog here: 6 Tips for Better Portraits (follow Roy Furchgott on twitter)  

Originally posted by Roy Furchgott on March 14, 2012