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The Top 10 Ways To Make Your Thumbnail Headshots Stand Out

The following article by Peter Hurley first appeared on on July 21, 2010
1. Clean up that background. Keeping the attention on you is essential, so don't cloud up your shot with unnecessary business behind you.
2. Go big. Less body, more head. Make sure that headshot is tight. The bigger your face in the shot, the easier it is for them to get a sense of you from the thumbnail.
3. Go horizontal. As humans, our eyes read horizontally first. If you want to get noticed quickly, have some negative space and a horizontally framed shot. 

LOST Exhibition in NY featuring Peter's work shot in Hawaii and Los Angeles


The Vilcek Foundation Celebrates LOST: A Showcase of the International Artists and Filmmakers of ABC’s Hit Show

Peter was fortunate enough to collaborate with The Vilcek Foundation on this amazing project.  For more information go to

Thursday, May 20th to Saturday, June 5th, 2010 Open 12pm to 6pm, Tuesday through Sunday. 
The exhibit will be closed on Mondays, with the exception of Memorial Day.

Halle Morse in action!

Some different untouched proofs from Halle's photo shoot 3/09/10.

Lauren Potter: How it gets done!

Little clip of Lauren Potter during her session with Peter.