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Vince Flynn "Pursuit of Honor"

Peter's photo of #1 New York Times bestselling author, Vince Flynn for his newest release "Pursuit of Honor"

Congrats to Sari Lennick for her incredible performance in "A Serious Man."

sari31web2Peter is happy to have been able to work with Sari Lennick, who plays Judith Gopnik in the new Coen Brother's film, "A Serious Man."


Photography Done Hurley Style

What does every working New York actor and agent know that every LA actor, agent and manager need to know? —Photographer Peter Hurley. For it’s been Peter Hurley’s shots that have been “getting the actors the job” for the past five years in New York—and now, understanding the need for a fabulous headshot photographer in the LA market, Peter Hurley has expanded his on-target Headshot expertise to LA.

Joseph Kanon's "Stardust"

Peter's photo of Joseph Kanon taken for the release his new novel, Stardust.

Dr. Ellen Marmur "Simple Skin Beauty"

Peter's cover shot of Dr. Ellen Marmur's new release from Simon & Schuster "Simple Skin Beauty"

What's in your toolbox?

Peter's take on Robert & Michelle Colt's Acting Success Now Seminar.

US Weekly: New Years 2009 with the Clinton's

Peter's shot of the Clinton's in Times Square, on New Years 2009 appear in US Weekly.