Chris Matthews stops by Peter’s NY studio on 8.11.11

One of the shots from the session.   © Peter Hurley Photography


Photographers in Action: Behind the scenes of THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE

Thanks to Peter Kertz for putting together this amazing footage for me. Can’t wait for the next intensive!


11/12-11/13 THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE: The art behind the headshot

Up to this point in my career my daily focus has been figuring out how to communicate with the person standing 3 feet in front of my camera so that a part of their personality enters my frame.  Staring down the barrel of the lens when it’s so close is daunting for many especially when [...]


Peter’s shot of Annabella Sciorra taken for her Broadway debut in THE MOTHERF**KER WITH THE HAT opening April 11th!

It was amazing working with Annabella and my girls were excited to see the shot outside the theater!  The show is open for a limited time, so make sure you go check it out!


Congratulations to Audrey Marrs for her 2011 Oscar win for Best Documentary!

Oprah presented the 2011 Academy Award for best documentary to producer, Audrey Marrs and director, Charles Ferguson for “Inside Job.”  I got the chance to photograph this picture of Audrey in my NY studio in 2010.


A Manhattan evening at twilight with Chaske Spencer and Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley spends an afternoon photographing Chaske Spencer